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Before visiting the salon

  • Please let us know if you wish to cancel your appointment for any reason, as we usually have a waiting list for people wanting cancellation appointments as in busy periods we have a few weeks waiting list.
  • Please cancel your appointment if your dog is unwell or coughing.
  • Please advise us if your dog has fleas.
  • Please exercise you dog prior to the appointment.
  • Please make sure your dogs vaccination schedule is current.
  • Please advise us if your dog bites.


At the salon

Your dog is in the care of professionally qualified staff at all times. The salon is well equipped to high standards and is air conditioned to maximize your dogs comfort. All dogs are individually safely secured during there stay as not all dogs get along with others. We do not use sedatives or excessive restraint, but if your dog's behavior makes grooming unsafe to continue, we will stop and advise you immediately.



Prices quoted are for well behaved dogs, which are groomed at the recommended frequency. Extra charges are made for De-matting coats in poor condition & the use of flea shampoo. Missed appointments will be charged. Fees are reviewed annually.



Full grooms include- Groom out, Bath, Shampoo, Condition, Blow dry, Clip, Scissor, Nails clipped, Ears cleaned, Finishing spray & lots of T.L.C.

Bath & Dry- more suitable for dogs which don't require there hair cutting or for puppies. Includes- Bath, Dry, Nails clipped, Ears cleaned, minor trimming if required, Finishing spray & lots of T.L.C.

We can groom to breed standard or owners preference. All clients will be asked to fill in our information sheet upon arrival to give us your contact details, but more importantly your dogs details, so we know of any health problems or allergies, how you would like your dog styled. We then up date it to our computer data base along with your appointments & how we styled your dog.